Our Journey began in 2014. From 2014 to 2016 we ran our business on amazon FBA and ebay platforms. In 2017 we decided to branch out and wanted our family run business to sell worldwide so we created this store and through better sourcing and better software we reached our goal.

We fast forward to 2018 gadgetbitz.com and sales are going very well and the business keeps growing and our customer base with it. We have received many happy customer comments and encouraging emails over the years and are happy we are able to grow like this, I hope to share my business with my 2 children when they grow up and I hope they are proud of the empire we created.


At the begining we made a 10 year projection plan and we are only a short way into that and our goals are way ahead of the curve we planned out, This means we can add product lines and expand our strore and customer reach.


The HWL & Gadget Bitz brand and name will be a household name and we are so happy you will be a part of this and watch us grow. We offer many discounts and incentives to our customer base and look forward to your email's and letters.


From the CEO of the company

- Gadget Bitz & Happy Well Living