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philips-3d-casino-lg Telefónica plans to start testing a 3D IPTV service in São Paulo this year, according to local reports, using a TV supplied by Philips which does not require special glasses to view the 3D image.

Telefónica will offer the service to residents of the region of Jardins in São Paulo, as these clients are connected to a fibre optical network which has the transmission capacity to deliver 3D IPTV. The biggest challenge for the service is that it is currently only possible with the specially developed Philips television the WOWvx-powered 1080p 52-inch Philips 3D HDTV, which currently costs around €18,000. However Philips believes that the television will be much cheaper in the near future: “Today the technology is aimed more at corporate applications,” said Renato Secco, Director of the company’s Brazilian subsidiary. “Inside three or four years it will be much more accessible to the consumer.”

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Telefónica and Philips testing a 3D IPTV that requires no glasses