Posted by James Smythe

Ok so the Yanks have had it for ages, dam you Microsoft for giving the Americans all the cool things first. Anyway, Microsoft has confirmed you’ll get a whole five free HD-DVDs when you splash out a mere £114.99 on an Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive. With hi-def movies clocking in at around £25, you’re basically getting the drive for free. When you hand over your cash, you’ll fill in a form choosing five out of thirteen films. Films include Serenity, Children of Men, Swordfish, The Prestige and  Full Metal Jacket. Having to wait 28 days is a bit annoying but I think I am sold, I already have a 360 so I am only forking out £114.99 for a HD player AND 5 films, bargain!

Intrestigly enough I was considering getting the PS3 this Xmas but buying the HD and a PS3 might be a bit to pricey, and I already have a 360 and Wii so do I really need the PS3 yet? I would love to try out a Blue-Ray on my 46″ 1080p Sharp though, which could possibly come under stupid purchase of the year as I bought it at the start of the year and still do not have any proper HD sources yet!

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Free HD-DVDs hit the UK – Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive will come with five free HD-DVDs