Posted by James Smythe

When you’re trying to picture how loud this 180.5db subwoofer that set the world record for the loudest sound for a single sub is, you can’t picture jet planes or chainsaws or firecrackers. No, you need to go a bit higher—into the realm of atomic bombs and nuclear disasters. So yes, this Digital Designs 9918Z 18-inch subwoofer that’s powered from four Stetsom KD amps at 26,000 watts is a rolling nuclear explosion when it crunks down your street. We are saving up right now so we can install this bad boy on our 1985 Vauxhall Nova, with an Nitrous Oxide System and Exhaust Famers! Aiiight….


Post from: Mighty Gadget - Gadget and Technology Blog

Car Subwoofer World Record Set at 180.5db – MightyGadget want one on a Nova, with an exhaust flamers and Nitrous